Custom Email Solutions

See what advanced email services can do for you.

For most businesses, nothing gets done without email. At Webservio, we understand how critical it is to have reliable communication. Our email solutions combine hosting, security, and failover for a full-featured solution customized to fit with the way you use email.

Email Hosting Solutions

For most businesses today, email service is as essential as electricity or a phone connection. Without a dependable email solution, your organization’s growth and productivity could be severely hindered. For that reason, Webservio offers only the most reliable hosted email solutions that provide the best value, including security, maximized uptime, collaboration, and other customizable features.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite. Leverage the power of tools like SharePoint and Lync for project management and collaboration. Access and edit files from anywhere with OneDrive and Microsoft Office online. Plus get highly available email service synced across all your devices and much more!

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange allows you to leverage the power of Microsoft Exchange Server without the tedious maintenance that comes with maintaining an in-house mail server. Our highly reliable systems provide 99.999% uptime along with many add-ons and configurations, including integration with SharePoint and Lync 2013 collaboration software.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace uses the Google cloud to provide customizable Gmail service using your company's domain name. Familiar apps like Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Meet, and Calendar are included along with special apps to create business documents and websites.

StrataMail VPS

Webservio's VPS StrataMail servers provide a high degree of security and reliability at an affordable price. Shared evironments are also available for small business or personal email users. StrataMail includes spam filtering and email failover along with firewall protection.

Email Failover Solutions

Having a plan for email disaster recovery is a critical part of business continuity. Webservio's MX Backup and Email Continuity services will manage all of your business email during downtime of your primary mail server. When your server is restored, it will receive a history of all correspondence without your business missing a beat.

MX Backup

This basic type of email failover will store incoming emails and send them to you when your email system is back online. Webservio has a variety of MX Backup services, which all include automatic failover and email security features.

Email Continuity

Email Continuity includes MX Backup capability but goes a step further by allowing you to send and receive emails while your mail server is down. Webservio understands that email is mission critical for many businesses, and offers a variety of Email Continuity services to provide you with continuous email access.

Email Security Solutions

With the rise of spamming and phishing, email security is essential to protect your mail server and office network from viruses, malware, trojans, data mining, and other threats. Webservio has partnered with industry-leaders to provide you with the best solutions available for email filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and archiving.

Vipre Email Security (aka FuseMail SecureSMART)

VIPRE's streamlined interface may look simple at first, but it is full of options to customize your email protection that are normally only included in much more expensive, enterprise-level services. Two weeks of MX backup protection is included with additional options for email continuity and outbound filtering.

Mimecast UEM

Mimecast is a highly customizable system that lifts the burden on administrators by simplifying management and user access. The Mimecast Outlook plug-in lets employees adjust their settings directly from their inbox. Advanced security, compliance, email continuity, and archiving options make Mimecast a comprehensive email management solution.

Proofpoint Enterprise

Proofpoint Enterprise has an established reputation as one of the best cybersecurity platforms available. All email-related activity for multiple servers and locations is visible from a single management portal. Additional monitoring can be added for social media, mobile devices, and file storage systems.

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials uses the same filtering engine as the acclaimed Proofpoint Enterprise system, but with a management interface that is much easier to navigate. Integrated options for DLP, Compliance, Email Continuity and Email Archiving ensure headache-free email management for end-users and IT administrators.

SpamWeeder Premium

Webservio's cloud-based SpamWeeder Premium filtering is a streamlined and affordable email security option for small business. Four days of MX backup protection are included, and outbound filtering is also available.

Email Management Solutions

Webservio's technical engineers and consultants have years of experience designing custom email solutions. If you have repeatedly heard that your ideal scenario cannot be done or is too complex, then you've come to the right place. Our team can design email routing systems to streamline email management, create hybrid email solutions with multiple mail servers, and ensure a failover system is in place for all of these moving parts. We are used to working with international and enterprise-level organizations with complicated email infrastructures.

Email Routing

Email Routing allows you to copy or redirect emails to multiple recipients. This type of service is indispensable when there is a large volume of emails to organize or important messages that need special attention.

Email Relaying

Email Relaying can be used to manage delivery of emails to a large mailing list or circumvent mail server reputation issues. Using a separate relaying system can improve performance of your primary mail server and ensure timely message delivery.

Signatures & Disclaimers

Webservio's system makes it easy to manage email signatures or disclaimers for even the largest organizations. This service works with your existing email service to automatically add the correct information to every outbound email.

Hybrid Email

Webservio's Hybrid Email solutions allow you to have different email services using the same domain name. This means you can give some employees the high-powered features they need while everyone else continues using a more basic service or your existing on-premise server. Hybrid Email gives your business cost savings and flexibility.