Data Services

Keeping you connected to all your technology.

Reliable IT services are the backbone of doing business in today's interconnected world. Unfortunately, many companies try to make do with a solution that isn't really meeting their expectations. Save yourself the run-around that comes with having multiple providers or sub-par services. Webservio's wide range of partnerships means you get to pick from the best data services available with a reliable support team that makes it all work together.

Colocation Services

Colocating with Webservio can provide your company with the bandwidth, power, security, and redundancy it needs at a fraction of what it would cost to install and maintain at your own location. Our facilities allow for 24/7 access so that you can manage your equipment on your schedule. Colocation from 1U to full cabinet is available at the following data centers:

Additional locations are available across the United States. Most of these facilities require a minimum of a half or full cabinet. Request a quote for your desired location and specs, and we will give you our best options in that area.

Connectivity Services

You need reliable internet and phone services to keep your business connected. Webservio's extensive range of partnerships allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for every organization, from small startups to large enterprises. Don't waste time contacting multiple providers. We'll do the work for you and provide the best offers available.

Internet Connections

Our network of providers across the country allow you to get discounted rates on internet service. For those located in the vicinity of our headquarters of Knoxville, TN, we are able to provide point-to-point connection options as well.

Voice Services

Webservio offers a range of voice service options through its partners. Available services include VOIP Dynamic T-1, VOIP PRI, Hosted IP-PBX, Audio/Video conferencing, and more.

Structured Cabling

Our engineers are experts at designing and installing cabling networks for existing offices, new construction, computer rooms, and data facilities. If you have a project in the East Tennessee area, we'd love to work with you!

Domain Services

Without a domain name and DNS hosting service, no one would be able to visit your website or send emails to you. Webservio charges the same low amount for initial signups as it does for renewals, so you don't get an unexpected price shock when your domain comes up for renewal. We like to keep things straightforward.

Domain Registration

Webservio domain registration services come with free add-ons, including DNS hosting, email hosting, domain forwarding, and theft protection. Hundreds of TLDs (domain endings) are available. Use our domain search tool to see if your desired address is available!

DNS Hosting

Self-managed DNS Hosting is included with all domain registrations and hosting services. Webservio also offers managed DNS and DNS failover options.