Email Signature and Disclaimer Management

Works with Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, and more.

Automatic Email Signatures and Disclaimers Easy company-wide templates with no software required

Webservio's system makes it easy to manage email signatures or disclaimers for even the largest organizations. This service works with your existing email service to automatically add the correct information to every outbound email.

Reliable System

Multiple nodes in two different locations for better reliability.


Simplify management and improve your company's image with a centralized system and customizable templates for signatures and disclaimers.

Expert Support

Work with our email specialists to finetune the system settings according to your company's objectives.

Benefits of Automated Signatures and Disclaimers

See what using centralized email management can do for you.

Improve Your Branding Image with Email Signatures

Getting everyone to use the right email signature can be a nightmare. With Webservio's system, email signatures are added automatically to every email you send no matter what computer or device is used. Your clients and other business contacts will be impressed by the consistent and professional image they see.

Your email signature template can incorporate any type of contact info along with images, links to your website and social media, or a teaser for your latest special offer. It's easy to update the template, and different versions can be used depending on the employee's role or department.

Meet Industry Compliance with Disclaimers

Adding a disclaimer to outbound emails can be essential to protect your company from costly liability. Of course, it only works if the disclaimer actually gets added! Webservio's system ensures that all emails get the appropriate disclaimer no matter what computer or device is used to send. You can even choose to use a different type of disclaimer depending on who the message is sent from/to or based on the email subject or content.

Simplify Management and Save Time

Your employees will love how Webservio's automated system saves them time, since they won't have to worry about adding a signature or disclaimer to every email they send. In addition, this info is automatically added above the previous reply so there is no need to copy and paste!

IT managers will love having a centralized management system. In addition, there's no need to learn a new interface. Webservio's email specialists will configure the policies, upload your email templates, and make other recommendations to ensure the system works the way you need. If you use Exchange email with LDAP, email templates can automatically be populated with employee name, title, and any other fields you create.

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Talk with a Consultant
Webservio offers a range of email management options. So you can know we won't try to box you into a particular service. We will help you determine the best option for your company based on its unique challenges and goals.

Email Signature and Disclaimer System Features

Compatible with Your Email System

Webservio's system works with Office 365, Exchange, G Suite (Gmail), and many other email services.

Works with Any Device

Your email signature or disclaimers are automatically added to all outbound emails no matter what type of computer or other device is used by the sender.

No Template Restrictions

Signatures or disclaimers can include any type of contact info, images, links to your website or social media, and more.

Custom Conditions and Rules

Use a different signature or disclaimer template depending on the sender, recipient, time of day, email subject, or many other conditions.

LDAP Integration

Exchange users can link with Exchange Active Directory to automatically populate the email template with employee information.

High Reliability

Webservio's system is hosted in two geographical locations to provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Delivery Queue

If the recipient mail server is not available, messages will be queued and delivery retried on a set schedule.

Expert Support

Includes assistance with the initial service configuration and ongoing support via Webservio's 24/7 online ticketing portal.

Other Customizations

Webservio consultants and engineers are experts at designing custom solutions so that you get exactly what you want. Possible options include adding inbound disclaimers, spam/virus protection, email archiving, rerouting emails, having your own private system, and more.

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