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What Is MX Backup?

Have you ever gone out of town and forwarded your mail to the post office until you return? An MX backup service does essentially the same thing with your emails. When your regular email server is down, an MX backup service will store incoming emails and send them to you when your email system is back online.

All of Webservio's MX backup services include automatic failover and email security features. If your mail server goes down and you don't have MX failover, any emails sent to your employees will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable. An MX Backup solution prevents emails from bouncing back!

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MX Backup Services Solutions for MX failover protection

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Mail Bagging

Webservio's Mail Bagging system provides greater flexibility than other MX Backup options. It includes filtering of stored messages to prevent delivery of blatant spam, but it is not meant to take the place of your existing firewall or SaaS email security solution. In fact, a big advantage of Mail Bagging is its ability to work with your existing email configuration, including complex situations with multiple mail servers or domains.

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Other Options: Email Security with MX Failover Included

All of Webservio's email security services include MX failover protection. These services will filter all incoming messages for your domain before sending them on to your email system. If the system cannot connect to your mail server, it will hold the messages and try delivering them again on a set cycle. Click below to learn more about each service or connect with a Webservio consultant for a recommendation of which one would be best suited for your company.

MX Backup FAQs

An MX backup service does not allow you to send or receive emails. It only stores the messages. With some failover services, you can see the email subject and maybe even read email contents. But in order to send and receive messages like you normally would, you need an email continuity service.

Without an email failover solution, service timeouts will occur and email sent to your company will bounce (be returned to sender). To most users, bounced (undelivered) messages are unreadable, and they may not try to resend the email. Important communications could be missed.

The length of failover coverage varies depending on which service you choose. Webservio's MX backup options vary from 2.5 days up to 30 days or more. Most services work on a first in first out basis. This means that after the time limit has been reached, the oldest emails will be replaced by newer incoming messages.

The cost for MX failover service is very affordable. Choose Webservio's MX backup services in an economical shared environment or choose a VPS environment for larger deployments with more administrative control. See the plans.

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