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What Is Email Continuity?

Email Continuity acts as a backup email system that can temporarily take the place of your mail server when it goes down. There are many reasons that an email system might go temporarily offline. Email Continuity allows you to continue receiving and sending emails using your normal email address.

All email continuity services offered by Webservio include automatic failover and email security features. When a connection with your normal mail system is restored, you will receive a complete history of all email correspondence sent and received during the downtime.

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Email Continuity Services Solutions for continuous email service

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Message Continuity

Webservio's Message Continuity system provides greater flexibility than other email continuity options. It works with your existing email configuration, including SaaS email security, network firewall, and complex situations with multiple mail servers or domains. Users can connect on any device using IMAP, POP, or the web portal. The service is always-on and ready whenever your email system goes down. Email history is automatically sent to your email server(s) when the connection is restored.

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Other Options: Email Security with Continuity Included

Some of Webservio's SaaS security services offer Email Continuity as an add-on. The primary purpose of these services is to filter all incoming messages for your domain before sending them on to your email system. If messages cannot be delivered, the system will hold the messages and try delivering them again on a set cycle. In the meantime, employees can use the Email Continuity service to view new messages and send out to contacts. Click below to learn more about each service or connect with a Webservio consultant for a recommendation of which one would be best suited for your company.

Email Continuity FAQs

Some email continuity services allow you to continue sending and receiving messages via Outlook just like you normally would with all email history available. Others may require you to connect to a second inbox or log into a web portal, and they may not have email history available. Depending on the features that are important to you, a Webservio consultant can recommend which service(s) will fulfill your requirements.

Without an email continuity service, you will not be able to read or send emails as long as your email system is down. If you have an MX backup service, new emails will be held for delivery after your email service is restored. If you do not have any type of email failover in place, service timeouts will occur and email sent to your company will bounce (be returned to sender). To most users, bounced (undelivered) messages are unreadable, and they may not try to resend the email. Important communications could be missed.

Email continuity services will allow you to send and receive emails for as long as your email system is offline. However, there may be limits to how long the full correspondence history is retained. If your email system is down for a very long period of time, it may not receive an entire history of emails sent and recieved during downtime. The length of coverage varies depending on which service you choose. Webservio's Email Continuity options vary from 20 days up to 90 days or more.

The cost for Email Continuity service is very affordable. Choose Webservio's email continuity services in an economical shared environment for a few employees or choose a VPS environment for larger deployments with more administrative control. See the plans.
Choose Office365 or G Suite Email Continuity deployments to keep your email continuity accounts in the same email environment your employees are accustomed to utilizing. Schedule a consultation with a Webservio consultant to dicuss these customized Email Continuity deployments.

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