StrataMail VPS Email Hosting

Secure, reliable email service that just works

Stop Worrying About Email

Webservio's StrataMail VPS email service is a versatile and secure solution that can handle all your digital communications at a fraction the cost of an in-house server. Use it for all your email or combine it with another service for an efficient hybrid solution.

Easy to Use

Straightforward email service that your employees can access anywhere and on any device.


All emails pass through a cloud-based spam filtering system to keep dangerous emails out of your inbox.


Flexible deployment options mean the StrataMail service can be combined with Exchange, Office 365, or G Suite.

Benefits of StrataMail

Get flexibility, security, easy management, and still come in under budget.

Work the Way You Want

StrataMail provides your employees with essential email service that can be accessed anywhere and on any device. Plus you can combine StrataMail with any of Webservio's other email services for a customized hybrid solution.

StrataMail can be accessed via our online interface, by using any email client (ie. Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail), or connected to a mobile device or tablet. StrataMail includes calender and address book features, but if some employees need additional collaboration tools, StrataMail can be combined with any of Webservio's other email solutions (Office 365, G Suite, or Hosted Exchange) to provide the perfect hybrid solution.

StrataMail also offers custom email management features. Each user can create filters to automatically sort new emails into the correct folder. Automatic replies can also be configured for different types of messages. Email can even be copied, forwarded, or redirected to an entirely different email account.

Affordable and Scalable

StrataMail costs a fraction of what it would take for your company to maintain an in-house mail server, and it can be easily scaled up or down as needed.

With Webservio's email hosting, there is no equipment to purchase or maintain. which means you also save on electricity, internet bandwidth, and manpower. You have a predictable monthly cost and can easily add or remove users. StrataMail will grow and adapt with your changing business needs.

Worry-Free Security

All incoming messages are scanned by Webservio's SpamWeeder Premium anti-virus/spam filtering. This cloud-based service checks all emails for blatant spam, suspicious attachments, and other malicious content. Email security protects your office network and devices by preventing dangerous emails from ever making it to your inbox.

StrataMail also works with more advanced email security platforms that include content filtering, zero-day protection, DLP, encryption, email archiving, and more. Use our Spam Filtering Comparison Chart to find the solution with the features you need.

With StrataMail's VPS-hosted option, your company will have a private mail system with a dedicated IP. This arrangement provides better security, reliability, and more options for customization.

Easy Management

StrataMail features an easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation. You can conveniently manage your email settings and add/remove users from anywhere. End users can also manage certain settings, such as vacation notices, email forwarding, and spam quarantine.

StrataMail lets you stay in control of your email organization without the hassle of maintaining onsite hardware. Webservio's online knowledgebase includes user guides and answers to common questions. Plus support engineers are available 24/7 via online ticketing to help with more complex matters.

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Webservio offers a range of email hosting options. So you can know we won't try to box you into a particular service. We will help you determine the best option for your company based on its unique challenges and goals.

What Makes StrataMail Different?

Unless otherwise specified, most email services are in a shared environment. This means that your company is probably sharing an email server with many other people. Webservio does offer Shared StrataMail plans for small companies (less than 20 users). However, StrataMail really shines when deployed in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment. This type of mail system provides many advantages, including better security, reliability, and flexibility.

Multiple Layers of Security

Spam Filtering in the Cloud

All incoming messages are scanned by SpamWeeder Premium anti-virus/spam filtering system. You may also choose one of our other email security options for more advanced controls. Either way, these systems stop suspicious and potentially dangerous emails before they make it to your inbox.

Other email providers may also include filtering with their email solution. However, this is often a server-side application, meaning that the same mail server where your emails are stored is also processing all the spam emails. This arrangement is not as secure, and a spam attack could cause slower processing times or even cause the mail server to crash. All of Webservio's filtering systems are hosted in the cloud for better reliability and security.

Private Mail Server

With shared email, your company's email reputation is affected by the actions of every account on the server. If another user (not within your company) is sending out spammy emails or if their account is compromised by a hacker, that will reflect badly on you. It could mean that emails you send to your customers and business partners don't make it through because they are rejected by another spam filtering system. A StrataMail VPS email server eliminates this problem by providing you with a private email system and dedicated IP only used by your company.

Firewall Protection

A VPS environment can be "locked down" to only accept incoming email traffic from the anti-virus/spam filtering service you choose. You can dictate how and when your VPS is accessed by utilizing customized security policies. All of these controls are managed by a firewall appliance separate from the mail server that is accesible only to authorized Webservio personnel.

Email You Can Count On

StrataMail includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee (the same as Office 365). Webservio data facilities have layers of failover precautions, including multiple internet connections and backup power generators. For additional protection, StrataMail includes MX backup, which ensures that even if the mail server is temporarily unavailable your emails will be held until the connection is restored. Without this included service, emails would bounce back to the sender as undeliverable. StrataMail helps protect your business reputation.

Shared email systems can have slow processing and download speeds during periods of high usage. A VPS email system is allocated a certain amount of resources (disk space, RAM, CPU) to ensure optimal performance. If your business is growing, more resources can easily be added to accommodate the increased load on the server.

Portability and Backups

Using StrataMail on a VPS means that your company's email is in a private, self-contained server module. This configuration allows you to easily move or copy your email to a different server or different geographic location. With a VPS, you will never be tied to an outdated dedicated server or an overloaded shared system! The ability to move or copy the VPS means you could have a backup system for failover or use separate systems for different types of email users.

Scalable to Grow

You can also increase the size of the VPS server at any time. With VPS StrataMail, you don't have to try to predict your rate of growth in advance like you would with a dedicated system. Get only what you need right now and rest assured that it can adapt and expand along with your business!

Hybrid Deployment

You get the flexibility to choose the options that make sense for your business. For example, you could continue to use an in-house Exchange server for corporate accounts, utilize Office 365 for outside sales reps, and provide Webservio’s Stratamail to other employees. Choice means you can keep everybody happy! Giving teams the right features for their job role will improve overall team effectiveness. LEARN MORE

Advanced Email Managment

StrataMail allows each user to create custom email management policies that will automatically sort new emails into the correct folder. Automatic replies and email routing capabilities are also included. Since users are in control of their own policies, administrators do not have to be tasked with managing these features.

StrataMail's custom controls save time for everyone in the company by eliminating the need for tedious email sorting. Sales reps can use the autoresponder to send an immediate reply to lead inquiries with different responses depending on the email subject or body. A manager could use the email routing features to send different types of service requests to the appropriate technician. There are many ways StrataMail can help streamline your day-to-day operations.

Filter Rules

StrataMail users can create custom rules based on a variety of email attributes. Multiple rules can be added for each policy using OR/AND logic. The content of each rule can be specified as an exact match, contains, does not contain, greater than, less than, equal to, and more.

  • Sender or Recipient
  • Subject or Body Content
  • Date
  • Message Size
Message Actions

An action will be executed for emails that fit the policy criteria. Multiple actions can be specified for the same policy.

  • Move or copy the message to a folder
  • Send an automatic reply
  • Send an email notification
  • Copy or redirect the message to a different email address
  • Delete the message
  • Add or remove flags
  • Override or make exempt from other rules

StrataMail VPS Features

User Access

Webmail, IMAP, or POP3 from any computer or device with internet access anywhere in the world.


99.9% uptime guarantee plus 99.99% MX Backup protection

Email Contacts

Email users can add contacts to the webmail interface by importing them in VCard (.vcf) format.


Add events and send .ics calendar invites using the webmail interface. Integrate your calendar with other devices using an iCal feed URL.

Spam/Virus Protection

All inbound messages are scanned by SpamWeeder Premium email security. The system guards against viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks by utilizing multiple layers of filtering.

Dedicated IP

Using VPS hosting gives you a unique IP address that only handles mail for your organization's domain(s).

SSL/TLS Capable

SSL certificates available to ensure outbound emails are encrypted. Outbound filtering can also be implemented to enforce additional policies or add disclaimers to emails sent outside your organization.

Web-based Administration

Simple online interface to quickly complete management tasks, such as adding or removing users.

User Controls

Users can set autoresponders, forwarding accounts, manage custom folders, and more.

Email Management

Users can create filters to automatically sort incoming emails into folders, send automated responses, redirect or copy messages to another email address, apply flags, send notifications, and more. These actions take place server-side and not within an email client (ie Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). This increases efficiency and keeps your work statation (or other device) from being bogged down with email sorting tasks.


Add your company name and logo to the Web-based interface.


Users can select from a list of over 70 languages for the webmail interface.

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