SpamWeeder Premium Filtering

Protection and peace of mind for a small business budget

Affordable Email Security Reliable protection and automatic failover for your email system

SpamWeeder Premium is quick to configure, works with most mail services, and can be incorporated into complex configurations with multiple mail servers or domains. Use it as a standalone email protection system or combine it with your existing solution for an added layer of security.

MX Protection

SpamWeeder Premium hides your mail server address from the public, making it more difficult for spammers to target it directly.

Email Filtering

The filtering engine blocks over 99% of spam, viruses, malware, and other dangerous emails.

Automatic Failover

MX backup protection is included so that if your mail server malfunctions or loses internet connection, all messages will be stored in the filtering system for up to four days.

Benefits of SpamWeeder Premium

Safeguard your network, protect your computers and cell phones, and improve employee productivity with Webservio's email filtering.

Defend Your Business Network

Protect your office network, computers, and employee cell phones from email-based attacks. Dealing with a virus, malware, ransomware or other security breach can be a nightmare. Many of these threats are delivered by email as an attachment or link. Keeping dangerous emails out of your employees' inboxes helps safeguard your critical IT infrastructure.

Outbound filtering can be used to scan messages sent by your employees. This optional feature will keep employees from accidentally forwarding messages with viruses or other questionable content. It can also help identify email accounts or workstations that may be sending out spam because they are compromised by a virus or hacker. In short, outbound filtering helps protect your business reputation.

Improve Employee Productivity

If your employees have a lot of spam in their inbox, it can severely hamper their productivity. If your company does not have a filtering system in place, or the current solution is not very effective, you should notice an immediate difference with SpamWeeder Premium. It can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to sort and read emails without all that junk mail. In addition, you may notice faster download speeds when checking email since your mail server has fewer messages to process.

Unlike most email security options, SpamWeeder Premium does not require an administrator to add individual email addresses. This flexibile system means new mailboxes and aliases can be quickly configured and will be protected immediately. If the email user needs access to a personal spam quarantine, an administrator can easily add the email address using SpamWeeder's clean, modern interface.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

SpamWeeder Premium takes the heavy load of message filtering outside of your business network, thereby maximizing your internet resources. If your on-site firewall and mail server receive a high volume of spam emails, they are also consuming a higher amount of power and internet bandwidth. SpamWeeder Premium is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. All emails will be scanned before reaching your office network. Implementing this service can improve your internet speed and reduce your power bill!

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SpamWeeder Premium Features

Filtering Accuracy

Up to 99.98% of spam blocked with a .0001% false-positive ratio. The system guards against viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks by utilizing multiple layers of filtering.


All incoming emails are scanned by the SpamWeeder Premium system. Add-on outbound filtering to scan all emails sent to recipients outside your company.

Spam Quarantine

A domain-wide quarantine can be enabled along with individual user quarantines to hold messages that are likely to be spam. These emails are automatically deleted after 7 days.

MX Record Protection

The SpamWeeder Premium records will replace your existing MX records. This DNS configuration ensures that all messages pass through the email security system. In addition, it makes it more difficult for spammers to directly target your company mail server.

Automatic Updates

The SpamWeeder Premium system receives real-time updates for protection against the latest threat patterns based on worldwide databases that analyze millions of emails per day.

Control Filtering Levels

An administrator can adjust domain-wide filtering settings to determine the threshold to quarantine a message or mark it with a notation.

Report Spam

To help train and fine tune the filtering engine, users may report spam by uploading .eml or .msg files within the web-based control panel.

High Availability

SpamWeeder Premium service includes four nodes in two PoPS (Points of Presence) for better reliability.

MX Backup

Four days of failover are included in the event that your email system is unavailable. For protection against longer periods of downtime, Webservio offers Mail Bagging. To continue sending and receiving messages during mail server downtime, add Message Continuity service.

Delivery Attempt Cycle

If your email system is unavailable, messages will be held and delivery re-attempted on a recurring cycle.

Multiple Delivery Routes

Add multiple destinations for email delivery to accommodate multiple mail servers, load balancing, failover options, or other custom configurations.

Multi-tier Graphical User Interface (GUI)

SpamWeeder Premium uses a simple interface with easy-to-navigate icons.


Add aliases for domains and/or specific email addresses.

Automatic User Detection

Administrators can enable automatic user detection using Active Directory or LDAP sync so that a user account will be automatically created the first time an employee logs into the SpamWeeder control panel. Alternately, users can be added manually or by uploading a .csv file.

User Authentication

Allow users to log into the management portal using their AD or LDAP credentials.


Choose from English, French, German, or Spanish. Additional languages available upon request.

Statistics and Reports

Reports are available in PDF or HTML format and can be emailed to specified addresses daily or weekly.

Log Search

Administrators can search message logs up to 4 weeks prior. Searches can be customized according to email header information, such as sender, recipient, subject, message ID, and more. Searches can be further refined based on how the message was classified by the filtering system and the delivery status. Log search results can be exported as a .csv file.

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