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Digital transformation requires new skill sets and resources in addition to the support needed to maintain existing technologies that keep your business running. Many IT teams lack the time to stay on top of Office 365's constant updates plus create and implement an end-user adoption strategy.

Maximize your investment in Microsoft Office 365® licensing with Managed Services. These solutions help get the most out of your investment.

Managed Office 365 Administration Services image

Managed Office 365
Administration Services

If you need help with Office 365 administration, this is the service for you. Let us manage the daily administrative operations in Office 365 with the help of expert level resources, tools, and processes.

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Managed Office 365
Adoption Services

Go beyond training and nurture an engaged culture of continuous learning. If your company is struggling to adopt Office 365 workloads beyond email, we can help fill the gap so you can optimize the return on your licensing investment.

Choosing Webservio gives you options you won't have with other providers.

There are many places you can purchase Office 365. Choosing Webservio for your Office 365 service gives you additional options you may not have with other providers. In particular, if you're looking to customize your email solution, you've come to the right place. Webservio engineers are experienced with complex configurations and can complete your email migration with no downtime.

All of your Office 365 services can be hosted in the Microsoft cloud, including Exchange, SharePoint, Office, and more. However, this scenario may not make sense for all businesses. Fortunately Office 365 gives you flexible deployment options so you can choose which services to use in the cloud and which to keep on-premise.

With Webservio, you can take the hybrid solution to a whole new level and combine multiple services to create the right solution for your business. Choose from a range of email security options and then select which email service(s) you would like to pair with Office 365. This solution can help you save money and give different groups of employees the tools that are appropriate for their roles. Learn More >>

If the Microsoft Cloud doesn't meet your data privacy requirements, Hosted Exchange may be a better fit. If you just need more stringent email filtering, DLP controls, or email archiving, there are add-on services that work in conjunction with Office 365. Even if your organization doesn't need these additional services now, a lot can change in a year or two! Choosing Webservio means you have a range of service options that will adapt with your growing business.

Webservio migration specialists are knowledgeable and experienced to ensure your migration is a seamless experience. Moving your email and data to a new service can be daunting, and success requires having an organized plan. Webservio's onboarding and migration team will walk you through the planning process and help you configure your new services with the right settings for your organization and industry. Learn More >>

Never wonder who to call! Every Webservio client has a dedicated account representative to provide consultation about service features and other service options, ensuring your business is utilizing the best technology solutions available. For technical questions and troubleshooting, Webservio provides 24/7 support via online ticketing managed only by US-based technicians. Customized SLAs and support packages are also available to provide special provisions, such as a dedicated support representative.

Managed Office 365 Services - Components

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Managed Microsoft Office 365® Administration Services

Office 365 comes with the promise of innovation, but without proper platform management, you may not achieve the outcome you've been counting on. Our admin-to-admin solution supports all Microsoft Office 365® licenses and includes:

  • Managed Office 365 Operational Services icon
    Operational Services

    Ease management and service optimization

  • Managed Office 365 Advisory Services icon
    Advisory Services

    Provide guidance and expertise into Office 365

  • Managed Office 365 Reporting Services icon
    Reporting Services

    Receive key insights and help control costs

  • Managed Office 365 Adoption Services icon
    Adoption Services

    Access to SaaS tools that encourage your users to continuously learn.

Managed Office 365 Administration Plans

Standard level services give your administrator access to comprehensive management tools and the ability to expedite escalations, and pay-as-you-go additional advisory and administrative support. Enhanced level services build on our standard level services by providing you with a dedicated advisory partner to establish ongoing awareness of your environment and guidance on achieving your goals at a predictable cost.

Standard Enhanced
Tenant incident resolution
Expedited escalation to Microsoft
Administrative task management Hourly + O365 Addons
as needed
Access to engineers for small projects Hourly + O365 Addons
as needed
Allocated Hours
Service delivery manager
Advisory Architect Pool
Discovery and service onboarding
Office 365 strategy and progress tracking
Design reviews and configuration guidance Hourly + O365 Addons
as needed
Scheduled reviews Annual Quarterly
Quarterly assessment of Office 365 updates and features
Access to discounted Office 365 professional services
Comprehensive reporting
Full visibility into cloud environment
Reporting analysis and trending
Access to SaaS adoption and training solution
Annual adoption assessments

Managed Office 365 Adoption Services

Our Managed Office 365 Adoption service is built on a SaaS training and adoption platform. The solution helps organizations transform the way they interact with Microsoft tools. It's the only learning solution that goes beyond traditional software training to help users change old habits and perform qulaity work faster. Our flexible services enable outcomes that meet your needs:

  • Managed Office 365 Adoption Services Communication icon

    Fully managed communications, training, and adoption campaigns

  • Managed Office 365 Adoption Services document icon

    Adoption metrics and action plans

  • Managed Office 365 Adoption Services Visibility icon

    Information about upcoming Office 365 updates and their implications

  • Managed Office 365 Adoption Services Optimization icon

    Access to a SaaS adoption and training solution

Managed Office 365 Adoption Plans

Office 365 Adoption begins with having a plan for continuously managing training and communications. Our Managed Adoption service goes beyond training to nurture an engaged culture of continuous learning. Our adoption specialists manage communications, training and adoption campaings using a SaaS solution. You'll also receive regular updates on upcoming end-user-facing changes with recommendations for how your IT team can best address major governance decisions.

Standard Comprehensive Support
Our team manages ongoing communications, training and adoption activities specific to the Office 365 applications that are deployed in your environment.
  • Adoption portal access and portal management
  • Onboarding activity that includes organizational change management planning
  • Communications and training campaign management for up to 4 stakeholder groups
  • Quarterly metrics and adoption plans
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting end-user-facing changes and relevant governance decisions
Enhanced Customized Support
Get branded and customized communications, training and adoption activity specific to your organization.
  • Customized support of the features listed above, including custom branding and communications review and approvals
  • Advisory hours (4/month) for assistance with adoption activity not defined as part of the regular service
  • Communications and training campaign management for up to 4 stakeholder groups

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