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We all know that cybercrime is on the rise, and no business is too small to be a target. Over 30% of cyberattacks are aimed at companies with less than 250 employees. Webservio's business hosting provides a more secure and reliable server environment at an affordable price.


Email and websites are hosted on specialized servers. Different types of websites (Wordpress, Joomla, flat file, etc.) are also separated.


An intrusion detection system scans all web traffic to identify and block suspicious behavior. Real-time updates ensure protection against the latest threats.


Webservio offers web maintenance and Wordpress update packages to save you from tedious management tasks. Web design and SEO services are also available.

Standard vs. Premium Shared Hosting See how Webservio's solution differs from most other shared hosting options

Standard Shared Hosting

  1. Hundreds of Accounts

    Shared servers usually house hundreds of accounts. Whatever your hosting "neighbors" are doing can affect your site too. More neighbors equals more potential for problems.

  2. Website and Email Combined

    Typically, shared hosting is designed for websites, with email as a secondary function. Having both together can cause issues with security and reliablity.

  3. Minimal Firewall Protection

    Most shared servers use a firewall utility as the primary means of protection. This means threats can make it all the way to the server level before being (possibly) blocked.

  4. Minimal Spam Filtering

    If spam filtering is included, it may not be very effective with little or no ability to control the settings. In addition, spam is usually processed by the same server that hosts your email and website.

  5. Control Panel Access

    Control panels like cPanel or Plesk give you the ability to manage many aspects of your hosting service. However, they also add another gateway for hackers to gain access to your site, and the reality is most people don't need or want that level of control over their hosting.

Premium Shared Hosting

  1. Restricted Number of Accounts

    Premium Shared Hosting servers house a limited number of hosting clients to ensure optimum reliability and better security.

  2. Website and Email Separated

    Different systems are used for website and email hosting to accomodate the unique needs of each. In addition, web servers are divided depending on the type of website (Wordpress, Joomla, plain HTML, etc.)

  3. Firewall and Intrusion Detection

    Webservio uses a separate firewall appliance to stop threats before they reach the hosting server. In addition, website servers are protected with intrusion detection, which gets real-time updates of the latest threat patterns to block potential attacks or hacking attempts.

  4. Cloud-based Spam Filtering

    Premium Shared Email Hosting includes SpamWeeder Premium to scan messages and stop suspicious emails before they ever get to the email server. Management access is provided to adjust filtering levels and other controls.

  5. No Control Panel

    Premium Shared Hosting does not include control panel access for websites. If having cPanel or Plesk access is a necessity for your business, we do offer control panel hosting options.

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Webservio offers a range of web hosting options. So you can know we won't try to box you into a particular service. We will help you determine the best option for your company based on its unique challenges and goals.

Premium Shared Hosting Features

Firewall and Intrusion Detection

Your website will be protected by a special system that includes protection against the latest threats. Intrusion detection analyzes multiple layers of traffic to identify and block potentially malicious activity.

Specialized Configurations

Premium Shared Hosting is customized to host different types of websites. Accounts are separated by kind (Wordpress, Joomla, plain HTML, etc.), and different server settings are used depending on the needs of each.

No Control Panel

For security reasons, a control panel is not included. Access to edit or add website pages is provided as applicable to each type of website.

Reliability Built-in

Webservio servers have dual power supplies and multiple hard drives. Network-level measures are also included, such as dual switching, multiple internet providers, and backup power sources.

Knowledgeable Support

Submit a ticket online 24/7 to receive a response from a Webservio engineer. All technicians are US-based and experienced.

Consultation and Additional Services

Never wonder who to call; every Webservio client has a dedicated account representative. If your website is no longer meeting the needs of your company, we have additional services available to improve or totally revamp your online presence.

Spam Filtering

All incoming emails will pass through the SpamWeeder Premium filtering service to block spam, viruses, and other potentially malicious emails.

Firewall Protection

A firewall appliance will monitor all inbound and outbound traffic.

Specialized Email Server

Your email will be on a server configured just for email. This arrangement provides better security and reliability.

Management Control Panel

A simple interface allows your email administrator to add users, create aliases, and modify settings.

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