Custom VPS Hosting

Advanced capabilities to help you achieve optimum performance.

Custom VPS Highlights

Direct Control

Know exactly where your data is at all times. Choose your server location, operating system, access control, and other features.


VPS Hosting guarantees you a certain amount of server resources (storage, RAM, CPU, etc.). Our systems have the ability to "burst" beyond those limits during high load periods. Plus you can add or reduce allocated resources at any time.

Advanced Capabilities

Work with the Webservio engineering team to configure backups, redundancy, load balancing, intrusion detection, or other specialized customizations.

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Custom VPS Hosting Features

Virtualization Types

We use OpenVZ for most of our VPS systems, but KVM is also available.

Operating System

By default, we install CentOS 8.x but you can choose any operating system you prefer.

Access Control

FTP, control panel, or SSH access are available. VPN services can also be configured.


All VPS Hosting includes shared firewall protection. Dedicated firewalls and/or intrusion detection are also available.


A VPS can be as small as 10GB or as large as 500GB. Choose the amount of RAM and processing power or let our team make a recommendation based on your business-use case.

Managed Hosting

With VPS Hosting, you get full control to maintain and update your server. If you'd like to have Webservio engineers take over these responsibilities, ask about our managed hosting options.

Knowledgeable Support

Submit a ticket online 24/7 to receive a response from a Webservio engineer. All technicians are US-based and experienced.

Consultation and Additional Services

Never wonder who to call; every Webservio client has a dedicated account representative who works closely with the technical team on custom projects.

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