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Message Routing and Relaying

Inbound Message Routing and outbound Message Relaying are invaluable email management solutions that are often overlooked. If you have an email challenge that you have been unable to resolve to your satisfaction, chances are good that Message Routing and/or SMTP Relaying will provide the solution you need.

Using a custom email solution can help your business solve quite a few obstacles. Common objectives include:

  • Reduce overall messaging costs
  • Direct emails to the appropriate person or department based on sender, recipient, or domain
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple mail servers or other complex email configurations
  • Enforce both departmental and company-wide outbound compliance policies
  • Resolve bouncebacks and other delivery issues for outbound messages
  • Send messages to multiple locations

Many of our clients were told by other providers that the type of messaging solution they needed did not exist. Webservio's skilled engineering team is able to achieve what many email hosts deem 'impossible.' Schedule a phone consultation today to discuss the email management challenges of your organization, and see how our Message Routing and Message Relaying services can work for you!

Message Routing

Webservio's Email Routing systems may be used to deliver messages within a single domain to multiple mail servers or recipients based on customized rule sets. This type of functionality allows you to take control of your company's email and direct messages to the appropriate department or person.

Custom Email Management

Message Routing helps an organization keep track of important emails and allows for managerial oversight. For example, you could have a copy of all emails addressed to sales associates also be delivered to sales@yourdomain.com.

Routing solutions are also highly effective at organizing large volumes of emails to ensure important messages are not overlooked. For example, domain name filtering could be used to make sure that all emails from priorityclient.com are copied to the assigned account representative.

Policy-Based Message Archiving

Message Routing can be used in conjunction with Message Archiving to ensure that copies of all or just specific types of inbound and/or outbound messages are saved in a separate archive location. Alternately, you could combine a routing solution with one of our email security solutions for integrated, compliant archiving and email failover. These types of customized email solutions can really give your business a competitive edge.

Message Routing Features

Dual routing systems in two geographical locations provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Create custom email routing rules based on sender, recipient, or domain.

Duplicate inbound or outbound messages and route duplicates based on sender, recipient, or domain. The message is also still delivered to the original recipient.

If the recipient mail server is not available, messages will be queued and delivery retried on a set schedule.

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If you would like to learn more about Webservio's Message Routing solutions, contact us or schedule a phone consultation today.

Hybrid Email

Do your email users have different needs? If so, Webservio's Hybrid Email is the best way to provide them with the proper messaging environment while saving money! Give some users the powerful features of Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 while others utilize Webservio's Izzymail, a more cost-effective and secure VPS-based email system. Unlike with other hybrid solutions, users on all systems can continue using the same domain!

Best of Both Worlds

Hosted Exchange and Office 365 provide enterprise-level functionality for end-users. Your employees can work with one another in a collaborative environment using shared calendars, global address lists, tasks, and notes.

Webservio's IzzyMail provides a secure, VPS-based environment with all the features a typical email user needs, including spam/virus filtering, webmail, along with POP and IMAP capabilities.

Seamless Flexibility

Webservio's Hybrid Email gives you the flexibility to choose the options that make sense for your business. For example, you could continue to use an in-house Exchange server for corporate accounts, utilize Office 365 for outside sales reps, and provide Webservio’s Izzymail to other employees. Use multiple domains if you wish, keep all users under the same domain name, or have several domains with users on each spread across multiple mail servers. The high-powered features of Webservio's Routing systems allow you to decide what works best for your organization.

Immediate Cost Savings

No matter what type of configuration you choose, Webservio’s Hybrid Email with Message Routing is likely to provide a considerable cost savings compared to the cost of keeping all users on your in-house Exchange, or moving all users to a cloud solution.

Hosting all email accounts on your internal Exchange server requires the purchase of Microsoft Exchange software licensing, compensation of IT staff for maintaining and updating the system, electricity, additional bandwidth required to efficiently run the mail server, and any spam/virus filtering.

Although moving all users to Hosted Exchange or Office 365 could be less expensive than hosting your own internal Exchange server, many of your users may not need all the features of Exchange. You can realize a significant cost savings by using a cloud email solution only for the employees that really need the high availability and collaboration features.

Customizable Message Routing

In addition to all its other benefits, Webservio's Hybrid Email includes Message Routing. Routing allows you to take control of your company's email and direct messages to the appropriate department or person based on the sender, recipient, or domain.

Hybrid Email Features

Hybrid Email comes integrated with Webservio's Message Routing service. Dual routing systems in two geographical locations provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Webservio's Hosted Exchange is hosted in a highly reliable cloud system with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Choose the version of Microsoft Exchange (2013 or 2016) that works best for you.

Microsoft Office 365 provides enterprise-level features at a small business price, making it a popular choice for many organizations. This cloud-hosted service provides options for email, collaboration, project management, file storage, document editing, and more.

Our Izzymail VPS is popular for its cost-effective balance of flexibility and security. Each VPS system has its own dedicated IP with firewall protection. The VPS is only used by your organization, and our engineering team can help you customize the settings as needed. There is no limit on the number of users, and you can add disk space or other server resources as needed.

By default, Webservio email hosting comes with the protection of SpamWeeder Premium for domain-wide spam and virus filtering. If you need more granular and customizable filtering options, we have a range of email security services to choose from.

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If you would like to learn more about Webservio's Hybrid Email solutions, contact us or schedule a phone consultation today.

Message Relaying

Webservio's SMTP Relaying can ensure critical message delivery and provide a way to enforce email policy compliance within your organization. A relaying service can also be used to circumvent mail server reputation issues or for sending email broadcasts to a large number of recipients.

Enforce Compliance Policies and Email Encryption

Relaying through one of Webservio's email security services can ensure outgoing email compliance policies and/or encryption are enforced across all or certain sub-sets of employees. Better yet, the rules are applied no matter what email client or device is used. This configuration gives you peace of mind that all policies are being met, while giving your employees the flexibility to use their laptop or mobile device in addition to their usual workstation desktop.

Circumvent IP Reputation Issues

If your organization is using shared email hosting, you are probably using the same IP address as other accounts on the server. This configuration means that your email delivery could be negatively affected by the actions of others on the server despite your company's best efforts to maintain secure and compliant email policies. Webservio's SMTP Relaying allows you to send messages through an alternate mail server dedicated to your organization's use.

Ensure Delivery of Email Broadcasts

If your outgoing emails include digital marketing communications, some of these messages could be labeled by filtering devices as spam. Your mail server's IP address could be blacklisted, leading to email delivery delays and failures. In addition, sending to large email lists through your primary mail server could delay the delivery of more time-critical messages being sent by your employees.

Using a separate relaying system for email broadcasts safeguards the reputation of your primary mail server, ensures timely message delivery, and allows you to customize server and DNS settings to maximize the delivery of outbound email blasts.

Message Relaying Features

Our VPS-based systems relay messages solely for your organization, and they include a dedicated IP so that you are in control of your IP reputation.

With a VPS system, it is simple to request additional server resources as needed to accomodate your company's growing email volume. Our systems are quickly deployed within one business day or request Emergency Set-up for deployment within one hour.

In order to utilize Webservio's Email Relaying solutions, it will be necessary to configure a SmartHost on your mail server. This is typical of any type of relaying service and should not be a difficult task for most server administrators. If additional assistance is needed, we offer Extended Provisioning to provide step-by-step instructions for configuration and testing.

Unlike other hosts, we do not put a limit on the number of emails you can send. The only limitation is the resource allocation given to your Message Relaying VPS, which can be increased or decreased as needed.

By default, outbound filtering is disabled to allow for unhindered relaying. However, Webservio offers several options for outbound email filtering, including spam/virus filtering, encryption, and/or compliance policy enforcement.

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