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Never Lose Another Email

Prevent bounced messages during server downtime with Webservio's always-up email failover service.

Mail Bagging Mail Bagging is a critical part of any business continuity plan that provides failover MX backup service in the event that your primary mail server is unavailable.

Webservio's Mail Bagging service provide greater flexibility than options available with other providers. Our solution can work with your existing email security service, offers multiple service levels, and can be incorporated into complex configurations with multiple mail servers and/or domains.

Automatic failover if your mail server goes offline due to natural disaster, hardware failure, loss of power or internet connection, or any other reason.

An administrator can access the service interface to ensure messages are being held by the Mail Bagging system.

Your primary mail server receives a full message history when it comes back online.

Benefits of Mail Bagging Safeguard against email server failures or loss of internet service and protect your organization's reputation with Webservio's Mail Bagging service.

Never Miss Another Important Email

Research indicates most small and midsize organizations experience more than 40 hours of unplanned email downtime every year.

Some of these outages last more than 24 hours. Having MX backup ensures server downtime will not result in the loss of critical messages.

Webservio’s Mail Bagging starts receiving messages automatically as soon as your primary email server becomes unavailable. Plan options include failover for 4 days, 20 days, or unlimited spooling days.

Safeguard the Good Reputation of Your Business

If having email failover seems like an unnecessary expense, consider the cost of missing messages from stakeholders, customers, and vendors.

Without an email failover service, all emails sent to your organization would bounce back, leaving the senders confused and potentially causing you to lose important business opportunities.

Webservio can provide you with scalable Mail Bagging, allowing you to satisfy a critical component of your organization’s disaster recovery plan for an affordable cost. By using our Mail Bagging service, your business correspondents will be unaware of any trouble with your mail server. Your business continuity and good reputation is maintained!

Ensure a Speedy Resolution of Downtime Problems

Having an email failover plan in place allows your IT team to focus on the real cause of the outage instead of scrambling to implement temporary failover measures, like MX repoints.

This saves your organization time and money. Disaster recovery planning minimizes confusion and keeps your tech team from being reactive at a time when they need to be able to work toward restoring the primary mail service.

Mail Bagging kicks in automatically no matter what time of day or night your mail server outage occurs. Once service to the primary mail server is restored, inbound messages are automatically routed to your email server.

How Mail Bagging Works

Downtime Uptime
  1. When your network or email server fails, your company's emails are redirected to the Webservio Mail Bagging system.
  2. The messages first pass through the SpamWeeder Premium filtering system and then to a Mail Bagging server.
  3. An administrator can log in to the service interface (available with most plans) to ensure messages are being held. The message subject and content can also be viewed, allowing the administrator to find and view important messages as needed.

Mail Bagging Highlights

Compatible With Your Current Configuration

Webservio's Mail Bagging is compatible with any type of mail server and most network configurations. Whether you are using Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Postfix, Lotus, or some other mail server platform, messages will be seamlessly forwarded to your mail server from Webservio's Mail Bagging system.

Mail Bagging also works with your existing SaaS spam filtering solution or on-premise anti-spam device, such as Barraccuda or Ironport.

Helps Maintain Email Security

Our Mail Bagging service includes SpamWeeder Premium filtering to ensure that blatant spam and emails with viruses do not make it to your mail server. In addition to providing a layer of security, filtering messages reduces the amount of space needed to store bagged messages and ensures your primary mail server or gateway device is not flooded with an excessively large volume of email upon regaining connectivity.

If you are already using a hosted SaaS solution, you could continue using it in place of or in addition to SpamWeeder Premium. Mail Bagging also works with your existing on-premise anti-spam device, such as Barraccuda or Ironport.

Reliable Systems with Built-in Failover

Emails redirected to Webservio's Mail Bagging service first pass through a hosted spam filtering system. This dual-location filtering system is highly reliable. Therefore, even if a critical event were to cause downtime of the Mail Bagging server, emails would be held in the filtering gateway.

For clients that require 99.999% uptime of their Mail Bagging system, Webservio offers custom server configurations and SLAs along with support plan upgrade options.

Easy Management

Most Mail Bagging plans include access to the web-based administrative control panel. This interface allows you to view the queue of messages being held in the email backup system. You can even see details such as subject, sender, and message body. If you would like the ability to respond to messages during downtime, Webservio also offers a Message Continuity service.

When your server is back online, delivery attempts will happen on an automated cycle. Control panel access gives you the option to override the retry cycle by manually flushing the bagged messages to the mail server.

Mail Bagging Features

Automatic Failover

The four Mail Bagging gateway hostnames are added to your existing MX records so that failover happens automatically whenever your mail server is unavailable.

Automatic Recovery

Webservio's Mail Bagging service will automatically make delivery attempts to the primary mail server on a predetermined schedule. Your mail server will receive a full message history when it comes back online.

Manual Recovery Option

If you would like to ensure emails are sent to your primary mail server as soon as it comes back online, plans with control panel access allow you to override the automatic delivery cycle by triggering a flush of the mail queue.

System Redundancy

Webservio's SpamWeeder Premium filtering service acts as the gateway for the Mail Bagging system. It has four nodes in two different locations for maximized uptime.

Administrative Control Panel

Most Mail Bagging plans provide access to the mail bagging control panel to view held messages and flush them for delivery to the primary mail server.

Inbound Email Filtering

Webservio's SpamWeeder Premium filtering solution prevents over 99% of spam, viruses, phishing, and other malicious emails. See additional features of SpamWeeder Premium.

Automatic Definition Updates

All of Webservio's email filtering services receive automatic definition updates for protection against the latest threats.

Administrative Access

The administrative control panel for SpamWeeder Premium allows you to modify filtering levels, view the message quarantine, update the white/black lists, and adjust other settings as needed.

TLS Encryption

Emails can be sent from the Mail Bagging system using TLS encryption. Additional encryption, DLP, and other email security features are available with the use of one of Webservio's outbound filtering options.

Multiple Domains and/or Mail Servers

Mail Bagging can work seamlessly in a wide variety of situations, including complex email structures with multiple domains, locations, and/or mail servers.

Monitoring Notifications

Add monitoring notifications to alert you when your mail server(s) is unreachable and when it recovers. Monitering alerts can be sent via email or text message.

Custom SLA and Support Plans

If your business requires maximized uptime, a dedicated support contact, or other specialized service, Webservio offers customized Service Level Agreements and Premium Support Plans.

Email Security Options

Webservio's Mail Bagging solution includes SpamWeeder Premium filtering for emails entering the failover service. However, you may opt to upgrade to one of Webservio's more advanced email security solutions. Alternately, if you already use a hosted SaaS email security service, you can continue utilizing it in conjunction with Webservio's Mail Bagging.

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